What is Applocity? 

Since smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.) have been around, one of their most prominent defining characteristics that made them appealing is the myriad of apps available for download on it. Well, it wasn't always a myriad.

At the start of the iOS App Store in July of 2008, there was a mere 800 apps on the market. But needless to say they have increased at an exponential rate and have multiplied drastically.

If you were to calculate the number of apps in the Google Play, Android, market, the neck in neck race of Android and iOS would leave us in the millions.

As the number of apps increases at unfathomable rates, it becomes difficult and even overwhelming to choose the apps that could be worthwhile and are worth a download on the market. Some of the apps from music, entertainment, utilities, to even education aren't getting the limelight they deserve.

Additionally, as these devices achieve an increasing amount of features, whether it is from the producers themselves, jailbreaks, or roots, it is imperative to utilize a phone or tablet to its full extent and not be confused and hindered by a device that's supposed to make life better.

Applocity is the perfect site to accomplish these things by not only acquainting users with their devices, but allowing them to be used to their maximum potential.

Welcome, to Applocity -- The 'App'-solute Best Source for iPhone and Android Users.

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