Saturday, February 2, 2013

Timeriffic: The Best Battery Saver

One of the perpetual quests of any smart device holder is to find a way to elongate the its miniscule battery life. Most devices die often when regularly used and traditional battery saver methods just dim the screen and ruin the functionality the device has to offer. Timeriffic fixes this and at the same time lets you utilize all the features of your phone untouched. So how does it work?

Timeriffic allows you to set a schedule for your phone to toggle certain services on/off when not in use. For example, when your sleeping and you leave your phone on, it is possible to toggle your Data, Wifi, Mobile Network, Airplane Mode, Ring, and more automatically. This saves your phones juice by letting these background services that suck battery take a rest. It can also be set during the day to turn certain services off during work or school. What are you waiting for? Timeriffic could save your phone's life!

(Because Apple is conservative about letting 3rd Party Apps have control over certain features, Timeriffic is not available for iDevices. However, a similar application can be implemented with a jailbroken iDevice.)

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