Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Superb Cases for Your iPhone Camera

As the iPhone and others of its kind have become a regularized gadget in the market, like any influential invention, it leads to new fields for progress. In this 'CASE', there are now an overabundance of different cases in retail and online to choose from. Some of these are really cool and make you want to own three when all you really need is one. Other cases...not so much. So how is someone supposed to sort through and find the case that's right for them. Let's check out a few to ease the grind on this daunting task. For this first installment, we'll be looking at some awesome cases suited for photographers. As many people nowadays use their iPhone to take pictures on a regular basis, these cases revolutionize just that. This includes being able to take pictures without pointing the phone, underwater, and from hundreds of feet away.

Just in-CASE you were wondering, these cases are in no particular order. It's your job to figure out which one strikes your fancy the most!

1. MirrorCase 
iPhone 5 ($60), iPhone 4/4S ($50), iPad ($80)

This first case left me with that feeling that's like wow...why didn't I come up with that! Have you ever wanted to take a picture of something without being recognized as taking a picture? For example, you're in class and you can't be bothered with copying the notes off the board and you want to snap a quick pic. Alternatively, you could be the witness of a hilarious scene and have the urge to take a few stills to share later without making it obvious. The MirrorCase fulfills all your needs whether they be productive or devious.

The beauty of this case is that it allows you take pictures/videos without lifting up your iPhone (and now iPad). A built in mirror redirects the camera's field of view so that videos and pictures can be taken with an iDevice while it is resting on a table, hands-free. At the same time, you can glance down to make sure everything is ship-shape so there is no guess work involved like in makeshift setups. As an added bonus, the case itself is pretty protective although it can be bulky. 

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2. Lifeproof Elemental Caes (Underwater)
iPhone 5 ($80), iPhone 4/4S ($80), iPad ($100), iPod Touch 4th Generation ($70)

Underwater Cameras can run you hundreds of dollars for one with decent quality. And to add, not many people get the chance to use underwater cameras as frequently as the price should suggest. Lifeproof Cases all cost under $100 and help provide the same HD quality you expect out of your iPhone.

Lifeproof cases allow full functionality of the iPhone underwater. This means it is possible to snap pictures, film videos, and even listen to music when paired with their special headphones! And for those people that simply cannot part with their device, text or play games in the shower! But practical uses are evident as well. It isn't a huge worry to keep your device around food and water anymore or keep it out of the rain. 

What's more is that Lifeproof cases are customizable and stylish as well. They come in a variety of different colors for each selection and have a nice, protective feel. If waterproof isn't for you, Lifeproof also has dirt resistant, snow proof, and shock resistant cases as well! They make documenting your skiing, off-road, or any form of adventure easy to do. Plus, the protection of your iPhone is one less thing to worry about.

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3. iPhone Telephoto Lens (Up to 12X Zoom)
iPhone 5 ($35), iPhone 4/4S ($35)

Although you can hardly call this just a case, it is impossible to leave it out among the top photographic iPhone covers available. Anybody that has tried to take picture or video at distance with an iPhone (or any phone for that matter) have experienced the blurriness and lack of distance thereof. This Telescope Zoom Case comes with an adjustable lens that you can pop right onto the case at any time, making it portable. Also, it retains the high-res image quality you've come to expect out of iPhones at zooms of up to 12X.

You may be able to find similar items on the market, but this product not only has one of the highest zooming capabilities but also proves to be a high quality, durable product for a cheap price. What's more is that it is available on the iPhone 5 as well as the 4/4S. And for those perfect pictures and movies, it even comes with a tripod for steady takes.

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4. Trygger: The Camera Case
iPhone 4/4S ($50)

All of these cases prior to this one have done a lot to add to the effectiveness and usability of the iPhone camera, but none have actually improved the quality of the picture. That's when the Trygger Camera Case comes in. It has a few features that make it a good case for the photographically inclined.

Ever wanted to take that perfect shot but the Sun or excess light created glare that ruined the shot? Well a built in polarizing filter, like that of a professional camera, fixes this issue. They also make this filter adjustable to suit your needs. In addition, the Trygger makes the hues and tints in your shot sharper and more vibrant.

Also, the case itself is pretty unique. The back is slide-able allowing for a quick change from having the Trygger on and off. This is a pretty unique case for pros and amateurs alike. 

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5. mCamlite
iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch 5th Generation (ALL $130)

This is the most expensive of the bunch, but doesn't fall short in performance for the dough that you forked out for it. In gist, it is probably the ultimate tool for creating videos with not only exceptional video, but audio as well. 

A built in swivel microphone allows for high-quality sound, something that isn't found in many other cases. Also the camera lens allows for wide angles for larger views that aren't confined on that slender screen. 

As an added bonus, although this case isn't something you'd carry around in your pocket, it still has an aluminum build that stays sturdy and a tripod that comes with it as well. For the best videos, grab an mCamlite!

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Most of you probably didn't even know that unique cases like these existed, but the flexibility of the iPhone's camera has just been reinstated. These cases offer a variety of features not included with the stock camera including taking pictures while it lays flat, underwater, and from long distances. So, which suits your needs?