Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Xbox Live/360 Live: Best Apps (See Whose Online)

Who's online? If you're an avid or even casual player on Xbox Live, you know how much the gaming experience is benefited by being able to play online with friends and have much of experience be on the internet. But sometimes, playing without your friends can be a bore and you want to see if your friends are online. Also, maybe you want to keep track of the latest news (see if that new update came out) without having to turn on your console. Well you do all this and more with My Xbox Live on an Android or 360 Live on your iDevice.

My Xbox Live is the ultimate client for managing your online profile for your Xbox Live Account on an Android device. For starters, it is free. In addition to that its user interface is sleek, easy to use, fast, and pleasing to the eye. You simply have to enter your Live Account information one time, and after that, it will allow you to automatically log in upon entering the app. Convenient.

Some of the features in My Xbox Live include being able to browse the spotlight news. This is the news that usually appears on the Home Page of the console and is often pretty useful as it comes from Microsoft. You can know about that new update before any of your friends do as it is available right on your device.

Additionally, you can access your social account to see which of your friends are online at the time. This is a useful feature for those that love to play with others on their friends list. No more guessing to see if they're available at the moment. As an added bonus you can also send and manage messages and beacons.

One of the coolest features is that you are also able to manage your Avatar's appearance right from your Android. Pretty fancy. Did I also mention that you can browse through the achievements for any game you've played. Now its even easier to do the research to scrounge up those last hard-to-get gamer score points!

360 Live is the best tool to view your online profile for Xbox Live on an iOS Device. The only thing about it that sets it back from the android My Xbox Live app is that it costs a mere $1.99. But in my humble opinion it is worth the buy as it is a multiple-time use client that will save you a lot of time and prove to be quite useful.

360 Live comes with some of the same features as My Xbox Live. Of course, it comes with the all-important option of checking up on your friends' online statuses. It also, includes full control over your player profile including messages, beacons, bio, location, and more.

360 Live does manage to do somethings better than My Xbox Live however. This includes push notification messaging. Not that this is all important...but its nice to have if you get a lot of important messages through live. Another thing 360 offers that My Live doesn't is the ability to utilize multiple accounts without logging out and logging back in.

In all, both My Xbox Live for Android and 360 Live for iOS are exceptional clients for managing your Xbox Live account. If you're an Xbox gamer, these are a definite addition to your application library.


Android (Free)

iOS ($1.99)