Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trainyeard Express: Not a puzzle why it's on top!

The app store has an entire category filled with games. Its hard to not feel overwhelmed by the myriad of options you are bestowed when simply trying to pick a game to pass some time. What's more is that many of them are, quite frankly, trash. Among these is the jewel that cannot be missed: Trainyard Express.

A colorfully intriguing puzzle game, Trainyard Express, will boggle your mind a little while leaving you addicted for hours without end. The point of the game is simple, build a track so the right colored train reaches the right colored station. It sounds pretty simple, but the eventual addition of color mixing and merging along with creative level designs will keep you truly puzzled for hours. The game has many worlds and levels as well so the experience is an extensive one. Social implementations also allow users to share solutions with friends that are not the brightest of the group. So what are you waiting for, your going to miss the next train!

It get's hard!

Download (Free):