Saturday, February 2, 2013

StudyBlue: The Best Flashcard App

As the world's integration with technology is increasing exponentially as time goes by, it has become a huge part of education as well. With this said, Smart Devices are exceptional resources for learning and studying a wide variety of material. With StudyBlue, it is possible to create flashcards and study with them with ease.

StudyBlue is an excellent app when it comes to reviewing flashcards as it has multiple features to aid ease of creating them.One of the newer ones is the voice integration allowing you to speak your note cards. It isn't much of an innovation as it seems everything is voice activated nowadays. Additionally, the affiliated website,, allows you to access and edit your cards from your computer through your required StudyBlue account. New updates allow a offline mode along with reminders and study resumptions to allow flexible schedules for use.

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