Wednesday, February 13, 2013

VidRhythm: Make a Beatbox or A Capella Video

Ever wished you could make your own beat box or A Capella videos? Popular YouTube sensation, MysteryGuitarMan, is famous for making many short films and videos under this category, but now it is possible for any everyday iPhone (VidRhythm for Android is not available) owner to create something similar to them in seconds. VidRhythm is a revolutionary, must-have app that allows iOS users to record themselves making different 'sounds' and then it pieces these sounds together in seconds to create your very own, unique song. For those that are worried about the complex music theory and skills this requires absolutely no musical knowledge, but rather just a yearn for a cool tune. This is VidRhythm!

To start off it is only a further bonus that VidRhythm is currently available for no charge on the App Store. As previously, mentioned VidRhythm for Android is not yet available, but a clone is probably out there. Made by the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central, VidRhythm is a Harmonix project that comes from some very experienced game producers.

So what is VidRhythm exactly?

The first step is to pick a song or tune to which your symphony of 'sounds' is going to correlate to. This includes stuff from Jazz to Dubstep to straight-up Beats to choose from. The app comes with 30 unique choices, but if that's not enough or you get really into it, there are more up for purchase.

Afterwards, you must choose the style of video to produce that strikes your fancy. The best choice for most is probably the Video Wall as it displays the faces of you and your friends while making the sounds; this is always the source of a good laugh! But there are quite a few additional options as shown here:

Upon having picked the song and style, its time to record the sounds. You simply record yourself making the sound that is prompted by the app. For example it can ask you to make a bass drum 'bom' or a hihat 'tsk.' Trust the knows what it's doing. And after that you've got your very own beatbox music video.

The innovation that VidRhythm brings to the table is undeniable what makes it a stand out app. But also, the high quality execution of it along with its simplicity of use broadens the audience possibilities to almost any age. But above all, it's a lot of fun. Don't believe me? See for yourself.