Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top 4 Best Free Note Apps for iOS

While the iPhone comes with a 'Notes' app that is quite sufficient in features, it can fall short in a lot of different areas. Although it has the basic features you need to write and save notes, that's basically where its list of features ends. Apple has failed in allowing the notes to be shared on PC or Mac easily without emailing each one tediously, and the stock notes app lacks the ability to record things or freehand draw. Additionally, the user interface is quite basic (although simple) and can leave users yearning for more. So without further ado, here are some free notes apps that may lead to the stock Notes to collect dust...make sure you take some notes on this!

4. Simplenote

For those that enjoyed the simplicity of the notes interface and don't want a big change to a more functional app, Simplenote is for you. Simplenote controls much like the Notes app with a skin. But what's more is the sharing functionality that isn't as progressed on stock app, but expounded upon by this one. It allows you to publish things or share things such as shopping lists, song lyrics, and to do lists quite easily. Additional features include creating tags so you can sort through the notes easily.

3. Sticky Notes

This application easily wins the award for having the best looking user interface. In fact, it's UI alone could be the reason it is accredited among the top apps of its kind. For many, color coordination goes hand-in-hand with organization and this app implements that exceptionally. Aside from the basic features and sharing options also available in this app, sticky notes also allows for password protection on sensitive materials as well as lock screen integration to set up reminders. As an added (and probably unnecessary) bonus, the Notes app is also stocked up on wallpapers for your iDevice!

2. Evernote 

Evernote was a pioneer of its kind. Before it, there wasn't that many successful notes apps that let you create an account so that your notes synced across multiple devices. With the hassle-free UI, it is possible to use an email address to set up an account with Evernote on any device, including the Mac or PC. Once that's done you can start creating notes. The notes Evernote allows you to create are multimedia, including pictures, sound bits, lists, and more. Once you've accumulated a lot of notes, they can be gathered in pseudo-folders known as notebooks assuring organization. What's more is that the clean, crisp interface is both appealing to the eye and convenient to use. Today, although Evernote is a pioneer that maintains a high spot on the list, others have taken its lead and expanded on it.

1. Catch Notes

At the top of our list we have Catch Notes, the best notes app on the Apple Market! Not only does it have a colorful and eye-catching UI that can compete with Sticky Notes, but its also very easy and convenient to use. You can have notes from images, audio files, text, videos, lists, and reminders. It also doesn't fall short of the common theme where all the notes can be easily integrated with an account and a website: Additionally, there is a myriad of other features that you can choose to use such as putting a pin on your notes, making lists into checklists, sharing the notes in various ways, and creating tags to stay organized. In all, Catch Notes should be one of the first Notes apps you go to when dumping the plain stock notes app.