Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Root [Almost] Every Android Smart Phone

What is rooting you ask? The simple answer is that it gives Android users superuser permissions over their device and full access to their phone. For those familiar with iOS and jailbreaking, its is a similar albeit more complex and deeper unlock. However, because iOS devices are fairly standardized, it's usually quite an easy process to jailbreak your device. When it comes to Androids though, the vast variety of brands, carriers, firmwares, and versions make searching for a root for your phone hectic and time-consuming. This revolutionary app will save you a lot of time as a (almost) universal application to easily root any Android device.

Kingo is the universal application to root your Android device. One thing that separates this application from others of its kind is how user-friendly and appealing the user interface is. The instructions are highly comprehensive and practically fool-proof. However, Kingo's real claim to fame is its ability to offer compatibility to a wide array of devices.

Kingo offers an unlock solution for practically every Android device! For a full and complete extensive list of every supported device, check out the official device page.

Well what are you waiting for? If you've got an Android that needs unlocking, this is by far the best method and the paramount place to start.

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