Monday, February 4, 2013

PVSTAR+: Listening to the Music (Audio) of a Youtube Video Without Being in the App!

Nowadays, many people utilize YouTube to listen to music on their computers. When you try to do this on your smartphone, the issue with this is that you are unable to close out of it and continue to listen to the music. This is so since YouTube is made primarily for videos and the app recognizes the fact that you left the app, forcing it to stop not only the video, but the audio as well. What if there was a way to continue the audio's playback, but at the same time take on another task. In this age of multitasking, I bring you PVSTAR+.

PVSTAR+ is one of the more underground apps in the market as probably next to no one has come into contact with it. However it turns out to be one of the best apps to listen to music as not only can you choose the song choice, as it searches YouTube, but it also runs smoothly in the background with minimal RAM usage. The main feature of PVSTAR+ is to play YouTube audio, but it also supports Twitter to display the currently playing song and works like a regular YouTube app would!

User Interface
Although prior to the user update, the PVSTAR UI was nothing more than satisfactory, it is now not only usable, but closer to the eye candy it should've been from the start. The only trouble some English-speaking users may have is that it is a Japanese made app therefore, along side YouTube it has some other Jap-Vid sites that may lead to some confusion. However, to those that don't care for these extra sites, they are easily avoided and it doesn't take away from the fact that this is still one of the best apps of its kind!

How it works?
It's pretty simple. It has the conventional search bar like any YouTube-based app would. Typer in the name of a video and click on it to play. From that point on, a PVSTAR+ tab will remain in your notification bar so it is easy to return to the app and choose a new song at any time. When your done, click the play (arrow) button in the corner to exit out so it stops running in the background. Easy!

Your days of using internet radios' crappy recommendations are over! Best of all, it's free!

Download (Free):