Sunday, February 3, 2013

Swiftkey 3: The Best Keyboard Out There

Every found yourself typing tediously on your Android Mobile Phone, or your iPhone? Have you ever sent text messages with errors or typos? Well, as you probably know, developers have created auto-correct and similar things for your device, but in many cases, this causes more problems than solutions! That is until this revolutionary new app came out allowing users to not only type with drastically improved speeds, but accurately as well. I introduce...Swiftkey 3!


1.Text-Guessing (Text Guessaging!)

Swiftkey 3 is by no means and underground app, but it's plethora of abilities leaves it impossible to be overlooked. The main feature is the text-guess feature that gives you a few options above the keyboard to finish your word. Many other applications or built-in aspects of phones try to do the same thing, but as most people would agree, unsuccessfully. But the great thing about Swiftkey is that its suggestions are on the most part accurate. How is this? Because it's built in feature knows your personal typing style. For example, say you use the phrase "K got it" a lot. From then on, after you type K, "got" and "it" will appear on many occasions.

As you can see in the image above, it predicted the next word in the sentence accurately based on what is previously written.

2. Added Buttons

To add, Swiftkey has many extra buttons that come in handy yet aren't found on the old conventional iPhone, HTC Sense, or Android keyboards. For one the numbers tab is like that on a computer keyboard with a 3x3 grid along with the special characters that usually go along with it. And an additional page with miscellaneous characters isn't too useful, but it nice to have. And even nicer to have is the 'smiley' button with various emoticons to spice up your text messages!

 3. Themes and Personalization

As mentioned above, SwiftKey 3 manages to tailor its predictions to your personal texting or text implication styles. It does this by connecting to your SMS, Tweets, Facebook, and pretty much anything that takes place on your phone. Every now and then you can have it analyze these things automatically and update its 'tailorings.'

As an added bonus Swiftkey is easily personalized by its many themes. It comes with a few preset ones, but that's only the beginning as more can be created, downloaded, and installed. Also, you can add extra buttons depending on how much you use what such as arrow keys and accented vowels when they are held down. Even the pressing down of letters can be personalized down to the millisecond to view the sub characters for that particular key. So basically, anything and everything about Swiftkey is personalized to meet your specific use, which is why it stands out among other applications in its field!

Also includes a landscape format!

Download ($3.99):